Classroom Libraries: Finding a Book for Every Student

Episode 95 · November 22nd, 2019 · 25 mins 49 secs

About this Episode

Access to books, whether in or outside of the home, is not a reality for many children.

According to the latest Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™, classroom libraries are only available for 43 percent of school-age children. And only one-third of kids say that they have access to a classroom library with enough of the types of books they’d like to read.

On this episode, we’re talking with two educators who are working to bridge this gap. 


David C. Banks: 

David is the president and CEO of the Eagle Academy Foundation. He and Scholastic have joined forces to curate collections of culturally relevant fiction, nonfiction, and biographies for perhaps the most under-represented group in literature: boys of color. This new classroom library, “Rising Voices,” celebrates the stories of Black and Latino boys. 

Illysa Thomas:

A kindergarten teacher at Empowerment Academy Charter School in Jersey City, New Jersey who is a Patterson Pledge grant winner. 

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